Mobile Money USSD Push Payment


Mobile money is a service that allows a mobile phone user to store funds in a secure electronic account, linked to a mobile phone number as provided by mobile network operators such as M-Pesa, Tigopesa, Airtel Money, Halopesa, or others.

Through mobile money services, users can store, send, and receive money using their mobile phones. They can pay for goods and services, utility bills, school fees, or many others. They can also withdraw cash from authorized known Mobile Money agents.

Our Mobile money services are easily accessible, fast, and secure to our customers through multiple channels such as USSD code, WhatsApp, Mobile application, Mobile Point of Sale(MPOS), Web & Dynamic Scannable QR codes.

Deposit Payments: This type of mobile money payment allows businesses to collect and accept funds/payments from Customers to Business (C2B) through the use of six(6) digits numbers called Paybill in such a way that it enables customers to pay for various goods and services offered by businesses via mobile phone channels. Customers can make payments to businesses by navigating through the operator’s Mobile Money USSD menu and/or app to effect and complete the payment transaction. The customer has to cite a reference, business number(paybill), and amount, the transaction is finally authenticated by password from the user’s mobile money wallet PIN.

Payout/Withdraw Payments: B2C (Business to Customers) Mobile Money Disbursement: This type of mobile money payment allows businesses to disburse or send out funds/payments to their payees most commonly referred to as customers, staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, or various stakeholders. Payout payments enable businesses to perform Business To Customer (B2C) transactions.

Mobile Money USSD Push Payment: This type of mobile money payment allows merchants/third parties to initiate the payment request to a customer over USSD Push interaction through our Merchant Payment API, the customer will approve the transaction by entering Mobile Money wallet (Airtel Money, M-Pesa, Tigopesa, or Halopesa) PIN on USSD interface menu to approve and confirm the transaction. Our Payment Gateway will finally call the callback API of the merchant with final transaction details after the customer’s confirmation, callback API would be hosted by a third-party system as per the given Callback API details.

Mobile Money API: Our Mobile Money Payment Gateway through APIs is able to expose send, receive & transaction lookup Mobile Money functionalities through secured Mobile Money APIs which support end-to-end data encryption with authorization, payload hashing with signing, and authentication. Our Payment Gateway allows businesses to extend the power of their existing systems such as e-commerce sites, billing systems, or accounting systems by tapping into our Payment API, Payout API, USSD Push Debit Payment API, or Transaction Lookup API.

Our Unique Mobile Insurance Features:

1. Contactless ways for payments of goods and services

2. Ability to integrate/enable any existing legacy system or database with mobile money payments

3. We are offering extremely large transaction processing throughput(TPS) for real-time transaction settlements.

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Feedback from clients

"Before working with FastHub we had issues with the platform that we were using, it was crushing almost every day, it was hard to get the information in real-time, delays from the support team on urgent issues, and the customization was limited, duplication of data and information."
"When we started working with FastHub, life really became easier as I am managing people responding to the platform so I could now see who did or say what and how many times, which was not there on the previous service provider, the breakdown of data categories and information can be easily understood and accessed, We get information in real-time and we have so much more cool stuff that we couldn't before working with FastHub."
"What I would say make your service stand out first, You provide according to the client's needs and recommendations (What you want is what you will get), The FastHub team is always there to assist, clarify things and offer solutions to challenges, and most importantly it's within time."
"It is a full digital and user friendly solution. It brings convenience to customers by allowing them to interact with your institution on their own convenience hence this increases the overall experience. It will provide you with very important information which will play a significant role in your decision making process, nothing is powerful as data especially when you can collect in real time."
"The features that made us buying your product/service it’s the platform capacity and what it build to do, being able to monitor what the team does individually, having information well categorized, the platform customization, and the platform safety on making sure our data and information are safe."
"I have been able to achieve everything that was a challenge or other provider before FastHub couldn't provide (platform crushing immensely, delayed support from the team, complicated data categories, duplication of data, etc.)"
"What's the main reason you recommend our product or service? For every company or organization that knows what they want, how they want it to look & work and you can explain it well to FastHub, they will make it happen and add even more cool stuff/features on top of your suggestions."

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